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Emergency Food Storage

Emergency Food Storage

For most disasters, we recommend preparation for a minimum of three days. This should include a sufficient food supply and a minimum of one gallon of water per person per day.
A health crisis - like a pandemic flu - requires longer-term planning. There is a real possibility grocery stores will need to close to help prevent the spread of disease.
The Washington Departments of Health and Emergency Management recommend preparing for these types of disaster for a minimum of one week. When you complete one week's preparation - consider preparing for two weeks.
Your emergency food supply should include a variety of canned meats, canned fruits and vegetables, grains, canned milk products, ready-to-eat canned foods and soup.
The MINIMUM amount of food is two cans of food per person, per day and one gallon of water per person, per day.
Calculate how much food you will need for your family:
_________number in household x 2 cans of food x 7 days = _______ cans of food
Example for family of FIVE (5):
cans of food: 5x2=10, 10x7days = 70 cans of food
gallons of water: 5x1=5, 5x7day = 35 gallons of water
TIP: Pick up two extra cans of food for your Emergency Food Supply each time you go grocery shopping.
** Be sure to store a manual can opener with your canned food **


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