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865 SE Barrington Drive
Oak Harbor, WA 98277
Phone: 360-279-4500
Fax: 360-279-4507

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OHFD Training Videos

These videos have been produced by Oak Harbor Fire Department Training Division and are designed to train OHFD personnel.
Fire Department Vehicles and Specialty Trailers
  1. 81-812 Driver Orientation
  2. 813 Driver Orientation
  3. Aid 81 Rescue Equipment and Operations
  4. Ladder 81 Driver/Operator
  5. Ladder 81 Operations
  6. Support 81 Tools and Orientation
  7. Air Rehab Trailer
  8. Mass Casualty Incident Trailer
Portable Equipment
  1. Fans And Generators
  2. Homatro and Hurst Rescue Tools
  3. Power Saws - Use and Maintenance
  4. Rescue 42 Tool
Member General Training
  1. CAD - Computer Aided Dispatch
  2. Electrical Training
  3. Engine Laptop Computers
  4. Incident Command System
  5. Hydrant Position
  6. Mass Casualty Incident Classroom Training
  7. MCI Litter Bearers
  8. NIFRS
  9. Nozzle Position Part 1
  10. Nozzle Position Part 2
  11. Probationary Manual
  12. Pump Engagement, Normal and Emergency for 81/812
  13. Pump Test Technique
  14. Rescue Mini Drills
  15. Rig Checks
  16. Weight Room Orientation
  1. Infectious Diseases
  2. IV Setup
  3. Head, Chest and Abdominal Trauma
  4. Medical Mini Drills
  5. OHFD Automatic External Defibrillator 2007
  6. Spinal Immobilization
Confined Space
  1. 1910.146 Standard for Work in Confined Spaces
  2. Environmental Monitoring and Hazard Control
  3. Knots
  4. Mechanical Advantage and Z-Haul Systems
  5. Patient Packaging including Tripod Setup
  6. Practical Exercises
  7. Prussiks and Rope-Related Equipment
  8. Securing Patient to SKED
  9. Securing Patient to Stokes
Scenario of the Month
AID 81 Rescue Equipment and Operations

Ladder 81 Driver/Operator Orientation

Ladder 81 Operations

Support 81 Tools and Orientation

Air Rehab Trailer

Mass Casualty Incident Trailer

Fans and Generators

Holmatro and Hurst Rescue Tools

Power Saws - Use and Maintenance

Rescue 42 Tool

CAD - Computer Aided Dispatch

Electrical Training

Engine Laptop Computers

Incident Command System

Hydrant Position

MCI (Mass Casualty Incident) Classroom Training

MCI Litter Bearers

NFIRS (National Fire Incident Reporting System)

Nozzle Position Part I

Nozzle Position Part II

Probationary Manual

Pump Engagement Normal and Emergency for 813 / 814

Pump Test Technique

Resuce Mini Drills

Rig Checks

Weight Room Orientation

Infectious Diseases

IV Setup

Head, Chest, and Abdominal Trauma

Medical Mini Drills

OHFD Automatic External Defibrilator 2007

Spinal Immobilization

1910.146 Standard for Work in Confined Spaces

Enviromental Monitoring and Hazard Control


Mechanical Advantage and Z-Haul Systems

Patient Packaging Including Tripod Setup

Practical Exercises

Prussiks and Rope-Related Equipment

Securing Patient to SKED

Securing Patient to STOKES
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