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Oak Harbor, WA 98277
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Reference Library/Adopted Plan

Adopted Plans

Comprehensive Plan (2017)

The City’s Comprehensive Plan contains all of the City’s goals and policies for the use of land within the Urban Growth Area (UGA). These goals and policies are divided into the following elements:

  • Land Use
  • Urban Design Element
  • Parks, Recreation and Open Space Element
  • Housing Element
  • Utilities Element
  • Transportation Element
  • Economic Development
  • Urban Growth Area Element
  • Environmental Element
  • Capital Facilities Element
  • Government Service Element
  • Community Coordination Element

Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and the Future Land Use Map may be requested as part of the annual amendment process. Major amendments happen as part of periodic review every seven years.


Transportation Plan (2016)

The Transportation Plan is part of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. It provides the framework for the existing transportation system and establishes policy and funding guidance to support safe, connected, multimodal transportation networks through the year 2036.


Shoreline Master Program (2013)

The Shoreline Master Program (SMP) is a separate component of the City’s Comprehensive Plan that regulates development within the Shoreline. The Shoreline area generally falls 200 feet landward from the highwater mark.


Windjammer Park Integration Plan

Appendix I 

Appendix II

Siting the Clean Water Facility in Windjammer Park presents a unique opportunity to develop a long-term plan for the park, integrating existing and new elements in this special community space. The Windjammer Park Integration Plan (WPIP) will help guide the future programming of Windjammer Park.



Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan (2019-2024)

The Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan is also part of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. This plan assesses parks, open space and recreational needs of the City and sets out a plan to meet these needs.


North Whidbey Community Diversification Action Plan (1995)

The “Diversification Plan” was jointly adopted by the City and Island County in 1995.  It is an economic development plan for northern Whidbey Island, including Oak Harbor and forms the foundation of the economic development goals and policies in the Comprehensive Plan.


Comprehensive Sewer Plan (2008)

The Comprehensive Sewer Plan assesses the need for sewer facilities within the City’s Urban Growth Area (UGA) as a result of system deficiencies or anticipated population growth through the year 2025.


Comprehensive Stormwater Drainage Plan (2006)

The Comprehensive Stormwater Plan documents surface water problems within the City, ways to fix these problems, and sets out a plan to build new stormwater facilities to accommodate population growth. The Stormwater Plan has been adopted into the Comprehensive Pan by reference.


Water System Plan (2013)

The City of Oak Harbor Water System Plan provides a planning strategy for the City's water utility over 6- and 20-year periods.  The plan has been prepard consisent with Department of Health requirements as specified in the Washington Administrative Code(WAC) Chapter 246-290.  The plan represents a commitment by the City to pursue and implement the Plan's recommendations and capital improvements.


Waterfront Redevelopment, Branding and Marketing Program

This plan, also called the “Windjammer Plan” establishes a long-term vision for Oak Harbor’s waterfront area spanning from Fruend Marsh in the west to the pier in the East. It also puts in place a unified marketing program, inclusive of signage, for the waterfront area and downtown area. The Waterfront Redevelopment, Branding and Marking Program has been adopted into the Comprehensive Plan by reference.

Introduction, Scope and Executive Summary

Projects I - III,      Project IV,   Project V - IX Part 1Project V - IX Part 2

Supporting Documentation

Assessment Findings and Suggestions

Funding Solutions


Capital Improvements Plan

The Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) is a 6-year project list and funding plan for all of the City’s capital facilities including streets, parks, fire protection, law enforcement (police), water, sewer, stormwater, solid waste, marina, and city administration. The CIP is updated each year to reflect current funding sources and project priorities and is considered to be part of the City’s Comprehensive Plan by state law.


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