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Project and RFP Questions

Project and RFP questions:

1.     The STIP shows that there is $30,000 for design and $120,000 for construction.  Is this a set limit? Or, is this just the grant limit?  The STIP doesn’t show any match funds.  However, it is assumed the match was waived due to the flexibility provided by the State with this fund.

The funding provided through the TAP grant should be viewed as the project budget. We do not have any other funds set aside for this project.

2.     Are there any maps and pictures available showing the extent of the project and specific location?  What are the specifics on the repair and the new trail segment? Maps and figures are available on the City Projects page of the City of Oak Harbor web site:

3.     Right of Way delineation is mentioned in the RFP scope, is the intent to survey the right of way limits and record it with the County?  Or, just verify the limits with the County or City Assessor/maps? Verification of the limits of the project site.

4.     Did any other consultant firm assist in obtaining the federal grant? No, the grant was obtained without assistance.

5.     Is the City going to provide the historical education elements and way finding or is that an item you want the consultant to provide as part of the PS&E? Yes

6.     Has an Environmental Classification Summary already been started for the project? No

7.     You mention 4 sheets, double sided or not, in the RFP.  We assume that means we have 8 pages to write on since we would use both sides.  Is that correct? You are correct.

8.     Will you need landscaping services? Yes

9.     We assume not structural elements, so no geotechnical needs by the consultant team.  Is this correct? The structural project elements are sidewalk, pedestrian guard rail and a kiosk for educational materials. A landslide in 2013 created the need for this project when the existing trail was undermined. The geotechnical engineer’s report regarding the landslide is posted on the project web page. Drainage improvements are not included in the scope of this project.

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