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865 SE Barrington Drive
Oak Harbor, WA 98277
Phone: 360-279-4500
Fax: 360-279-4507

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Business License Information

We’re Here To Serve

We at the City of Oak Harbor are happy that you have chosen to do business in our City. We hope that your business will grow and be profitable, and want to encourage you to contact us directly if we can help you in any way.

We would like to remind you to collect and remit sales tax to the State of Washington to the credit of Oak Harbor. Effective January 1, 2010, our local sales tax rate is 8.7% and our location code is 1503.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the City Finance Department at (360) 279-4505. Again, thank you for doing business in the City of Oak Harbor and let us know if we can help you in any way.

Bob Severns, Mayor
Patricia Soule, Finance Director

Business License Information


1. Fill out a City of Oak Harbor initial/new (for first time application) NEW Business License Application or for renewing your business license, the RENEWAL Business License Application shall be completed and submitted to the Finance Office, 865 SE Barrington Drive, Oak Harbor, WA 98277, along with the applicable license fee.

2. All sections of the application MUST be completed.

3. Do NOT use a Post Office Box or Mail Stop as a business location address.

4. A State of Washington Business License (UBI #) is required. For information, call (360) 416-3000. Department of Revenue for tax filing information (800) 647-7706.

5. If a business is conducted from more than one location in the City, a separate license will be required for each location.

6. All businesses, including those run out of a home, are required to obtain a license.

7. The business license must be displayed in a public place at your place of business.

8. When changing primary locations, you must notify this office 10 days in advance of the relocation. The new location must comply with building, zoning, and fire codes.  An updated license will be provided.

9. All license fees are due and payable, in the Finance Department, BEFORE January 31 of each calendar year.

10. Licenses will be issued for a calendar year, beginning January and ending December 31.

11. Renewal notifications are mailed out on December prior to end of the calendar year. A late penalty of 18% per month will be charged after February 1st, if the renewal is not completed.

12. When cancelling your business license, please email for cancellation notification.

13. The City of Oak Harbor, in issuing a business license, makes no representation that the business is in compliance with City or State Laws and Regulations. It is the responsibility of the business owner to investigate, maintain, and insure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

14. Owners need to contact the Oak Harbor Police Department and complete a Premise Contact
Form for businesses located inside city limits
. To assist you with Emergency Services in
contacting a representative from your business in the event of an Emergency.


Class 1: $100 for taverns, fraternal organizations serving food or liquor, restaurant businesses serving liquor, grocery stores/supermarkets containing over 3,000 square feet of sales area and manufacturing and other business employing 50 or more full and/or part time employees.

Class 2: $50 for financial institutions including savings and loan businesses, credit unions, banks, professional businesses including law businesses, accounting businesses, dentists, doctors, optometrists, veterinarians, engineers, surveyors, architects, real estate brokers, insurance brokers, building and landscape designers, chiropractors, automobile dealerships and auto part dealers.

Class 3: $25 for businesses located outside the corporate limits of the City engaged in sales or sales of services within the corporate limits of the City, or making retail sales or sales and deliveries within the corporate limits of the City, contractors and subcontractors providing building services, or materials or equipment within the corporate limits of the City.  All other businesses not classified as either Class 1 or Class 2.

Businesses moving into the City or starting after June 30th will pay ½ the specified fee above for the balance of the year.


1. A business license terminates with the sale or transfer of any business.  The new owner must apply for a new business license.


1. Any non-profit organization holding a current IRS 501 (c) (3) exemption certificate issued by the Internal Revenue Service, must submit a copy of the certificate along with the application form, but will be exempt from the license fees.

2. Municipal corporations and other governmental agencies shall file an application form, but are exempt from the license fees.


1. Any business failing to obtain a license and pay the applicable fee before January 31, shall be assessed 18% of the annual license fee for each month or part of a month.

Penalty for Violation

1. Any person(s) violating or failing to comply with the Business License Ordinance, upon conviction, shall be guilty of a crime punishable by 90 days in jail or a $1,000 fine or both.

2. Each day of violation constitutes a separate offense.

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