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TBD Prop 1 Statement Volunteer Needed

City Council passed Resolution 19-16 on July 24, 2019, sending Proposition 1 Sales and Use Tax to the November 2019 ballot.  As part of the Island County Elections requirements, the online voters guide should include statements written by citizens in support of, and in opposition to, a ballot measure.  There may be up to three volunteers for each side of the statement writing.  There is currently a volunteer for the support statement; one or more volunteer(s) are needed to write the opposition statement.  Please see below information from Island County Elections.  If you are interested in writing the opposition statement, please contact Lisa Felix at, as soon as possible.  Volunteer(s) will be appointed to the statement writing committees at the August 28 workshop.


Specifications for Ballot Measure Statements appearing in the Island County Online Voters' Guide 

Ballot measures for districts that are included in the Island County Online Voters’ Guide shall consist of: (1) the official ballot title of the measure; (2) a neutrally-worded explanatory statement written by that district’s attorney; and (3) statements of advocacy committees for and against approval. Advocacy committees for approval and rejection shall be appointed by the legislative body of the district submitting the ballot measure to the voters. The district must make a good faith effort to find an individual or individuals or a group to be a committee in favor of the measure and a committee opposed to the measure. Persons who contact the Auditor’s office requesting an opportunity to submit either a pro or a con statement on a measure will have their name/organization forwarded to the appropriate legislative body .  Rebuttal statements may be submitted by the opposing committees for inclusion in the Online Voters' Guide.   

If no neutrally-worded statement written by the district’s attorney and if no pro or con statements are submitted, the ballot title and the names of legislative body requesting the proposition will be the only information provided in the Online Voters’ Guide. 

Explanatory Statement of District's Attorney

The attorney for the district submitting a ballot measure shall prepare and submit to the Auditor a statement for inclusion in the Online Voters’ Guide. The statement shall consist of the following three parts: (1) the official ballot title of the measure prepared by the prosecuting attorney or city attorney; (2) a neutrally-worded statement written by the district’s attorney explaining the law regarding the ballot measure as it currently exists; and (3) a neutrally-worded statement written by the district’s attorney describing the effect that the ballot measure will have if it passes. The explanatory statement shall be prepared in clear and concise language and avoid the use of legal and other technical terms insofar as possible. 

Statements of Advocacy Committees

Ballot measure advocacy statements will be limited to 250 words or fewer. Committees are responsible for observing this limit. If the statement exceeds 250 words, all of the material in excess of the word limit will be omitted. If such a deletion creates an incomplete sentence, the sentence will be omitted. There is NO exception to this.

Advocacy statements will only be posted for items when both the pro and con statements have been received.  

The following guidelines will apply to all statements: 

·         The advocacy committee's name and the contact person’s name, address, and phone number must appear at the top of the statement. (This is not part of the word count.)

·         Use paragraph style. Lists of items that require multiple indentations may be reformatted by the Auditor due to space limitations.

·         Words, phrases, and sentences that are italicized, underlined, capitalized or emphasized in some other manner will be typeset in italic. We recommend that committees avoid such exaggerations as they will reduce the readability of the statement.

·         Hyphenated words will count as two words, e.g. "user-friendly."

·         Numbers will count as one word, e.g. "4,000,000" or "4 million."

·         "Word/word" will count as two words, e.g. "public/private."

Submissions on paper should be typed, double spaced, on white, 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper. Submissions by electronic media should be composed in Microsoft Word or in the body of an email.

Rebuttal Statements:  In order to maintain continuity standards, rebuttal statements may be submitted for inclusion in the online voters guide only by the assigned  opposing advocacy committee.   Rebuttals shall be limited to 250 words or fewer and may not interject new points.   

Content: By law, the County Auditor is required to reject any statement that is libelous or otherwise inappropriate. 

Editing of Statements: In a document of this magnitude, it is inevitable that the material submitted may contain some inadvertent errors in spelling, punctuation or syntax which could adversely affect the readability of the statement and improperly reflect on the committee.  The County Auditor will make no changes to the Explanatory Statement as prepared by the District's Attorney.  The County Auditor may correct such incidental errors as long as this does not affect the content of the statement. The Auditor’s Office is not obligated, however, to make such corrections and will assume no responsibility for errors which result from inaccuracies in the original statement submitted by the committee. 

Unacceptable Statements: If any portion of the committee’s statement is rejected, only that rejected portion may be re-written and submitted for inclusion in the statement. 

Committees will be notified in writing no later than the Monday following the deadline for submission of advocacy committee statements if their statement, or any portion thereof, contains what the Auditor believes are libelous statements or otherwise inappropriate material. Committees will have until the day following the Auditor’s notice to either (1) appeal that determination citing reasons why the committee believes that the statement is not libelous or otherwise inappropriate, or (2) resubmit a re-written portion of their statement. The County Canvassing Board shall consider any appeals. After consideration of the Auditor’s written notice and the committee’s appeal statement, the County Canvassing Board will make a final determination. 

Fees:  No fee shall be charged to committees submitting material to be included in the Online Voters’ Guide. 

Viewing of Statements: Statements become  a public record when received and are available upon request  at that time from our office. Committees should understand that anything they submit may appear  or be referenced in a publication other than the  Island County Online Voters’  Guide.